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Every last girl

Free to live, free to learn, free to harm

Save the Children,

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Hasło słownikowe Dyskryminacja , Empowerment



Executive summary

1 Introduction: Girls left behind
Guaranteeing girls’ freedom to live, learn and be protected

2 Free from child marriage
Child marriage in numbers
Child marriage in humanitarian contexts
Legal and normative changes to end child marriage
Investing in girls’ education
Minimum financial security for all children
A holistic approach
Ending child marriage

3 Free to access good-quality sexual and reproductive health services
Girls’ access to good-quality sexual and reproductive health services in numbers
Discriminatory legal and social barriers to sexual and reproductive health services
Sexual and reproductive health in humanitarian contexts
Laws, policies and programmes to remove discriminatory barriers to services
Increased national and international public revenues, collected and spent equitably
Increasing adolescent girls’ access to good-quality essential services

4 Free to speak out and influence decisions
Girls’ political voice in numbers
Girls’ voice and influence in the household
Girls’ voice and influence in public and political life
Empowering girls to engage in decision-making and governance at all levels
More and better data disaggregation and gender-sensitive data
Increasing girls’ voice and influence

5 Giving every last girl the chance to thrive
Fair finance
Equal treatment

6 Girls’ Opportunity Index
A snapshot of girls’ situations around the world
What does the Girls’ Opportunity Index show?
Girls’ Opportunity Index – technical note